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Bahamonde, Sebastian


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Generalised Nonminimally Gravity-matter Coupled Theory


This talk is based on arXiv:1709.05319 [gr-qc] (accepted in EPJC), where a new generalised gravity-matter coupled theory of gravity is presented in the context of teleparallel gravity. This theory is constructed by assuming an action with an arbitrary function $f(T, B, L_m)$ which depends on the scalar torsion $T$, the boundary term $B = \nabla_\mu T^\mu$ and the matter Lagrangian $L_m$. Since the function depends on $B$ which appears in $R = −T + B$, it is possible to also reproduce curvature-matter coupled models as $f(R, L_m)$ gravity. Additionally, the full theory also contains some interesting new teleparallel gravity-matter coupled theories of gravities such as $f(T, L_m)$ or $C_1T + f(B, L_m)$. The complete dynamical system for flat FLRW cosmology is presented and for some specific cases of the function, the corresponding cosmological model is studied.

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