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Tahvildar-Zadeh, A. Shadi


Kiessling, Michael

Talk Title

Relativistic Quantum Law of Motion for Electrons and Photons


This talk reports on the recent progress in a joint project with Michael Kiessling regarding a relativistic quantum law of motion for elementary particles, primarily electrons and photons. The point of departure is Einstein's and Weyl's proposal of matter particles as singularities of spacetime, and the direction taken follows Einstein's `Fuehrungsfeld' idea. It is shown that a particular class of borderline-mild singularities of general-relativistic spacetimes, whose evolution can not be determined by the field equations alone, can in fact be guided in their motion by solutions of Dirac-type wave equations, and that the resulting Hamiltonian dynamics for those singularities have features that are not only consistent with atomic spectral data, but can also lead to a deeper understanding of certain subatomic phenomena.

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